• Drop Shipping! Boring Name for a Great Fashion Concept

    Posted by Neisha Barker

    Drop Shipping is such a boring technical name for a great fashion idea! We have been converted Drop Shippers for some time now and it is the way of the fashion future.  Our website has gone from a tiny obscure fashion niche battling to pick up traffic from some of the fashion label monsters that dominate the online market to a serious broad based fashion player.

    So what do you do if you don't want to chase the risky venture capital needed to create a huge fashion website?  You get up and get out there and find great labels who want to grow in the market and are willing to do your postage for you.  There are plenty out there and provided they have the right attitude and ethics (not always available in the greedy fast fashion business) then put an arrangement in place and go for it.  Provided you run the arrangement on a sale by sale basis even if something goes wrong your risk is tiny and the opportunity is great.

    We now Drop Ship many labels as well as a huge range of jewellery and watches, all of which offers a better customer experience for our visitors.  You can get big really fast without putting huge cash into carrying stock.

    Only one word of warning, make sure that you deal with reputable businesses that want growth, drop the dead beats really fast and move on, you don't owe them anything and there is no good flogging a dead horse.

    One other small thing and the people at Shopify will love this, it is a lot easier to do if you and your Drop Shipper are on the same platform (Shopify)

    Check out our site and see for yourself the benefits of Drop Ship, wide variety, deep stock and express delivery, way to go guys, we love you all.


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  • Thinking About Formal Season

    Posted by Bella Kane

    It's on its way and fast.  The season for the formal, all the stress about finding that just right dress.  What will it be the long, the short or the black or red we will see.  What have your friends picked, if you find something the same you will be tricked.  Must do the different, must do the classy and especially you could do the Australian made by that label NOOKIE.

    Lady Lace Dress in Red by Electric HoneyBandwidth Midi in Red by Runaway the Label

    We have been amongst the new lookbooks for that amazing formal dress and they are all on order, some of the best gown and maxi styles for release in August and September this year.  As soon as they are available for release then we will get them on their way.

    Please keep in mind we do zipPay which is no interest ever and easy to pay!.

    Our plans are to mass mail and promote across Facebook so please keep an eye out!

    Happy Shopping


    Dresses by NOOKIE Runaway and Electric HoneyBlack Girl Talk Off the Shoulder Mini Dress by NOOKIE

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  • Nookie the Label Arrives as Excitement Builds

    Posted by Bella Kane

    Australia's must have label - NOOKIE has begun to arrive at Lily & Minx.  We are super excited to receive the newest and best styles from the Mezmerise June and July Lookbook release.

    We have been making the transition from some of the cheaper labels in the market to the high quality, hi trend and super blogger labels.  NOOKIE is right at the top of the tree in Australia.  It beautifully compliments our Runaway the Label, Madison Square Clothing, Tigermist and Ivory and Chain Labels carried instore nad online.

    We have selected from the NOOKIE Lezmerise Lookbook pieces that fit our style and have chosen colours that fit the current seasons trend.  Here is a little bit that everyone should know about NOOKIE:

    "Born out of a desire for a head turning yet effortlessly sexy clothing label that could go from beach to bar and back again, Nookie is the creative result of Australian Fashion Designer Nikita Sernack who created the label in 2005. Nikita’s strong direction and understanding of the Nookie girl – thanks to being the ultimate one herself – has seen the brand go from strength-to-strength and hit highs such as showing at multiple Australian Fashion Weeks, being worn by aspirational local and international celebrities and models as well as the creation of super popular swim label, Nookie Beach."

    NOOKIE comes with the love of some of Australia's top bloggers and is of the highest quality in the market, below are a couple of the amazing blogger shots of our latest two arrivals Remember Love NOOKIE. Lots of Love Bella!!!



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  • V-day is almost here!

    Posted by Bella Kane

    Okay so it’s Valentine ’s Day very, very soon and you know what that means.
    Cute dates, dinners, movies, flowers, rings and most importantly, food! Unfortunately for me, I have a feeling I will be alone for V day, both my roommates have boyfriends and I will be in the house alone or wearing some headphones in my room surrounded by multiple packets of assorted Doritos and salsa and the remote control. Nevertheless I am very excited for all the fashion and of course, I will be buying myself some special (a new outfit, der) for the occasion, (treat yo’ self girl) as I do for every other occasion, even if the occasion is a Tuesday. But the shopping addiction is real and I have no plan on stopping myself because there is no better feeling than feeling beautiful even if I will be the only one seeing it, AMIRIGHT?! Anyway, I have been paying a lot of attention to denim lately and  I am IN LOVE! Recently, at Lily and Minx, we have received such amazing pieces by Madison Square Clothing and my love for denim has definitely stemmed from there. The trick with valentine’s day is simplicity. As Coco Chanel once said  “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” And speaking from experience, i could not agree more. Let’s just have a look at a few examples, modeled on the catwalk for New York Spring Fashion Week;


    Narciso Rodriguez

    Vera Wang

    I absolutely adore these three outfits, they are simple yet stunning and show the right bits of skin without looking like Charlotte the harlot.
    I feel like block colors and a bit of class is the way to catch your V-day Dates eye and if you’re going for a first date then let’s be real you don’t want to be rocking up in last year’s velvet body con dress with hooker heels,  you want to send the right message with your outfit.
    On the date you are going to want to feel like a goddess and have confidence radiating beyond control. 

    Outside date (Beach, Skating, Art class, Park picnic)

    Picnic in the park date, Classic, romantic and simple date idea. I personally love this one.
    You’re going to need either a long flowy skirt or some pants that are suitable for sitting down on the ground so you’re not showing off any bits (if you know what I mean). My newly found appreciation for denim has given me the opportunity to style some amazing outfits, in store that would be perfect for this kind of date.

    Outdoorsy, Physical activity date. While this one might not be everybody’s cup of tea it’s still extremely cute and a great bonding experience for couple and of course while you have to be comfortable and able to move all limbs (which, I’m sorry ladies, means no tight jeans. You’re bum can look good in other ways I promise) you also need to look cute.
    I’d suggest some comfy denim shorts and a simple top and a few accessories. A wide brim hat and some sunnies would perfectly top off the cute-casual look, with some Chuck Taylors or some comfy sandals.

    Left: Harlow Crop in Black
    Boy Toy Cropped jeans
    Right: Into the Blue denim shirt
    All day Everyday Denim shorts in White

    Lena Crotchet Tank
    All day everyday Denim shorts in White

    Snow White Top
    Valencia Denim Skirt

    Romantic Dinner date. These are not my kind of dates but i love getting dressed up none the less and because it’s the day to celebrate love, why not wear the colour of love and really turn heads.
    We got these stunning dresses in not long ago and they have gone off!

    Left: Pheonix Dress
    Right: Sin City dress

    These are both so stunning and sooo flattering on! I love the way the tangerine dress sits on your body and makes the cleavage look AMAZING!
    Team with some block colour strappy heels and some bling and you’re set.

    I also adore these cute , shorter, black and white dresses. Very elegant and such a great fit.

    beloved Dress in Black and White

     Pair them with some strappy nude heels and a nude bag and you will look amazing and super stylish!
    Anyway i’m off for today girls, hope you have an amazing valentines day and don;t forget everything you’ve seen on this post you can get at www.lilyandminx.com.au and look out for some amazing deals on the site aswell.
    With Love from Bella @ L+M xx

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  • New Years Eve is Coming! Just Saying!

    Posted by Bella Kane

    Yes we know Christmas is almost here and the invites for New Years Eve should already be out there.

    Do you know what you are doing yet?

    We decided that we stock on a range of dresses for your big night, just to start off 2016 in style.

    There is now a range instore of cocktail dresses, both i short form and in the way popular knee length.

    We went for a range of colours that always includes the ever popular black but travels through navy and on to red and tangerine.

    Don't miss your opportunity to pick up an amazing new NYE dress at a great price!

    Luv Bella xxx

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