Cabo Vacay Short by Le Salty Label

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Le Salty Label

Cabo Vacay Short by lost in. alila

The angel of Sun & Surf looked puzzled, her wings drooped and she had a confused expression, she said to the angel of Body & Style "what is a Cabo Vacay, is it a top or shorts or even a set". Now the angel of Body & Style who knows everything about fashion just dropped her wings and looked even more confused.

The angel of Discovery who travels everywhere just killed herself laughing and rolled around on the floor.  She said you two need to get out more, Cabo means Los Cabos in Mexico and Vacay is just short for Vacation.  

I love you two so much you're so funny.  She said what else would you where to a holiday like that but this super cute floral set by lost in. alila

Our Angel wears size small (8)

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$29.00 AUD
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