Posted by Neisha Barker

Drop Shipping is such a boring technical name for a great fashion idea! We have been converted Drop Shippers for some time now and it is the way of the fashion future.  Our website has gone from a tiny obscure fashion niche battling to pick up traffic from some of the fashion label monsters that dominate the online market to a serious broad based fashion player.

So what do you do if you don't want to chase the risky venture capital needed to create a huge fashion website?  You get up and get out there and find great labels who want to grow in the market and are willing to do your postage for you.  There are plenty out there and provided they have the right attitude and ethics (not always available in the greedy fast fashion business) then put an arrangement in place and go for it.  Provided you run the arrangement on a sale by sale basis even if something goes wrong your risk is tiny and the opportunity is great.

We now Drop Ship many labels as well as a huge range of jewellery and watches, all of which offers a better customer experience for our visitors.  You can get big really fast without putting huge cash into carrying stock.

Only one word of warning, make sure that you deal with reputable businesses that want growth, drop the dead beats really fast and move on, you don't owe them anything and there is no good flogging a dead horse.

One other small thing and the people at Shopify will love this, it is a lot easier to do if you and your Drop Shipper are on the same platform (Shopify)

Check out our site and see for yourself the benefits of Drop Ship, wide variety, deep stock and express delivery, way to go guys, we love you all.