Posted on by Bella Kane

Welcome to our new and re-energised blog, we have been away awhile but we are back bigger and better than ever before.

Over coming months we will try to offer our view on the latest trend and directions in fashion.

During this week we spent time, camera in hand taking a card full of amazing photos of our super boho, sand surf and sea angel Maeve Birdsall.  We searched high and low to find the perfect model for our style of fashion, not to young nor to old but just right to make our clothes say not trend but lifestyle.  Cause the clothes are only part of the picture.  That's why we went for a range of party dresses to compliment our boho pieces.

We have you covered for daylight and for dark!

Here are just a few of the amazing shots of Maeve in our latest arrivals, please enjoy and if there is anything you love head to to inspect in much greater detail.

Luv Bella xxx