Posted by Steve Barker

The whole market for the best fashions has started to become a little weird.  One of the biggest things happening is a real move to quality labels.  Our customers have started to move away from the fash trash that's out there because for the money you pay it just doesn't last.

Our response has been to lock ourselves into the best of the best and move them into stock really fast.  The best labels out there right now are Madison Square Clothing and their sub label Wilde Heart the Label.  We have also now hooked up with Tigermist and their sub label Rise of Dawn.  Both these have huge social media followings and produce high quality on trend fashion.

As the last piece in the puzzel and with an eye on summer arrivals we have locked in Khongboon Swimwear because they produce the best global swimwear and we love the fact that every bikini is fully reversible.  We think that to be great value for our customers.

So that's what you can expect, here are a few sample of their work!