Posted on by Steve Barker

We made the move on our bricks and mortar store through the week.

The new store at Fairy Meadow is as cute as a button and full of new season arrivals.  There are of course our $10 racks, they made the transition as well.  I will include some pics of the new store below, you will see what I mean.

As for the website it has undergone a huge change as well, we are now taking rich pic submissions from our associated bloggers and models.  They go to our amazing editor and come out as blogger style rich pics that are featured on the web site as our product image.  We hope that you will find this more interesting and a better way to shop online.

Our videos have changed as well and they are shorter and clearer.

Right now we are off to find a whole new group of customers who love their fashion and want to shop where the models shop.

Lot's of Love