Posted on by Steve Barker

Over the next week or so we will begin work on the cutest little web store in the Illawarra.  Yes it's tiny but it will be filled with the latest and best available online at the time.

Because it's in Funky Fairy Meadow the prices on everything be amazing compared to what you would pay for the same quality fashion in Wollongong or Shellharbore Square.  Imagine you can call in without paying for parking and pick you fav piece at an amazing price.  No parking fees at all.  This store will be a little special also in that everything in store will be cheaper than our online price and there will be only one discount available, The NO TRY BUY 10% off discount! If you come in and know your online size, pick the piece you love and buy it then it's 10& off, of course you can call in the next day and simply swap it the same as you can online but without the postage cost.  Not bad eh.

So here we come Funky Fairy Meadow but in the mean time we have been marking heaps of stuff down in our Wollongong Store.  Lots more at just $10 & $15 WOW!!!!