Posted on by Wollongong Shop

The major topic of conversation in the store over the last couple of weeks has been where are you moving to and why are you going?

Lots of our most loyal customers have expressed their sadness at our disappearance from what has been our most loved location.  So why are we moving!  It's as simple as it gets, we are heading to where there is more shopping vib, out of the city and away from the big national brands that sell their cheap manufacture stuff.  The new destination is a shop to be called our "little web store" in funky Fairy Meadow.  A place where we started all those years ago as "sixonesix" and couldn't cope with the shear number of customers through our little store, hence at that time Wollongong Store was born.

So what will the new store be like, well we figured things out over time, our best customers are not that concerned about what's on the label, they are concerned about getting the best possible price.  They spend a lot of time looking at the big web sites online and they want what they sell but they want it local.  They also hate having to pay for parking or driving all the way to Shellharbour Square to find what they are looking for.

The new store is called our "little web store" for a very good reason, most of our customers understand their size because they buy online so their won't be a lot of trying on.  We will sell at prices as good or better than the best online stores.  There will be plenty of parking really close and a funky new coffee shop almost next door.  We will be monitoring the majors online for what's selling and bring the same pieces into the store within a day or two of them coming online.  In our time in the business we have come to know where they source their stuff and ensured we can get it too.

Once we we move on in the next couple of weeks we really hope you will come out and give us a try, it would be great to see you in funky Fairy Meadow!

In the mean time new arrivals don't stop, here are just a few from this week.