Posted on by Steve Barker

For any mere mortal who has ever sat in a meeting of angels, also variously known as a host, it's an amazing experience!.  A room full of blinding beauty, feathers and attitude, lots of love as well.  Today they welcomed the newest angel named Discovery, so named for her Wanderlust and need to see new places, meet new people and selfie in front of various national monuments.  She is kind and has the biggest wingspan because she travels so far.

Our Angel of Sun & Surf said that she had been to the Christmas Tree Angels Christmas Party and it was a complete blow out, she danced and stood around for hours until she had blisters and really sore legs, she said it was amazing for her magnificent glutes. The other angels just looked at each other!

The Angel of Love & Strength asked why she didn't sit down a while.  The reply came back there are never any chairs at that party. The Angel of L&S got a puzzled look on her face, which made for the worlds most amazing model pic, pity no one had a camera because it was beautiful.  Of course the Angel of Body & Style had her camera but it's reserved only for selfies of guess who.

So amongst a room of very puzzled looking Heavenly Bodies it would seem that only the Angel of Earth & Water understood what exactly was going on here. This was often the case, much to the concern of the other angels who could never work out how such a boho hippy understood so much, but she certainly did!

Before the story goes on, it is not a commonly known fact that if a Fashion Angel does not understand something then their wings drop, making them look both a little confused and tired at the same time.  Still however incredibly beautiful.

The Angel of Earth and Water simply said, if you had to sit on top of a pointy Christmas tree for a month ever year how much sitting down would you really want to do!  I understand that most of them stand up all the way into February every year.

Such a revelation was met with a a loud concert of OOOOH!, a round of wide eyes, flexed wings and pursed lips, all making the finest photo opportunity of the day, if only the Angel of Body & Style would share her 6 Plus

So as usual there is no moral to the story except to say that all our Angels are real models, who shoot, pose, walk and talk fashion, they are busy when not being angels but most of all they love Lily + Minx because it's different to shopping mall fashion.  Join their exclusive club in styles by Madison Square Clothing and lost in. alila at