Posted by Steve Barker

After 10 years as a trusted and loved online fashion retailer competing right in the face of a wide range of FAST FASHION online giants we changed our view of the world.

We believe "fast fashion is fast food", it's cheap and not very good for you. Fast Fashion is all about copying the efforts of talented people and making it in poor quality fabrics, it's badly made by poor people in third world countries who are paid next to nothing and work in shocking conditions.

The challenge for us was how to source a smaller number of on trend pieces that are original in design and made using the highest quality fabrics.  These must be well manufactured in modern new age factories that are safe and the workers well paid.

We addressed the challenge by selecting a small group of labels that met our quality standard for fabric, construction and ethical manufacturing processes. After years in the business we understood the problems of poor manufacture, we are sure you have seen them.  Poor sizing, colours run, zippers burst and buttons pop.  This is why fast fashion is not good for you! Imagine buying a piece you love and people say suits you and being able to wear it over and over again, not just once.

There is a certain feeling of satisfaction you get from your favourite dress especially when it lasts.

The second challenge was to find Australian designed labels that were right on trend without the insane $300 price tag. Our styles vary from around $40+ for tops and shorts through to $60-$70 for some of our most elegant dresses.

We think that's real value which is why we don't discount or throw desperation sales at you every week.

The third challenge was to put all of these great fashions into a simple to use hi tech online store, this is where Shopify came to the party with their Retina store from outofthesandbox software. It's fast with 360 degree views, videos and a simple easy to use checkout without all the nasty upsell popups.

We really hope you enjoy this new way of shopping for fashion online, no more fast fashion, it's FIT fashion or nothing!!!



Here is just one example, the Australian design, highest quality cute dress by Madison Square Clothing.  It's beautifully and ethically made and you can wear it all the way though the 2014 summer