Posted by Emily Lockwood

When I'm able to find new essentials for my closet, I get very excited: new opportunities to create wonderful different stylings are endless. Lily and Minx released a gorgeous cropped jumper not too long ago that's available in two colours, both extremely flexible. 

I received the white jumper to demonstrate it's versatility. Paired with a lengthy arrow necklace to elongate the torso and some strappy white heels, the above pairing of boyfriend jeans and a milkmaid braid brings back Tomboy Chic.

When styled with high waisted black skinny jeans, a felt hat with the same necklace and heels from above, we're able to completely reinvent the look to create a gorgeous, minimalistic, elegant look. 

And finally, for a very light and fresh look, I swapped out the jeans for a navy rider skirt; perfect for a casual day out with friends, and easy to transform into a night look by pulling up the hair into a messy high pony and a statement necklace. 


For a more in depth review of this crop, check out my blog post over on Daisy Locks.


Be sure to get your mitts on this jumper while it's hot! 


Emily xx