Posted on by Vivien Mullan

Our models and photographer weren't turned off by today’s rainy April sky. Today’s shoot featured our model Emily Tropea and Guest model Jacinta both looking absolutely beautiful in our latest favourites.

These coming winter months will feature a wide range of lace, softer pastels and copious amounts of cheeky cocktail dresses.


Style Tips for Autumn:

  • Rock the lipstick! Bring out the rich colors in your eyes by contrasting the black and pastel colours in your clothes with a dark plum or red lipstick.

  • Lace is always a sophisticated option. When you’re heading out for dinner, drinks or a boogie don’t be shy about dressing to impress and embrace the elegance of long sleeved lace pieces. 

  • Flaunt that body! Don't fall into the autumn/winter trap of layers upon layers of loose fitted clothes, make sure that you are proud of your body and (whilst staying warm) keep rocking those cocktail dresses!

So much more April inspiration to come so let's make sure we get to see all of your pretty faces in store or online for some dress up fun! 


Lots of Love,

Lily and Minx Style Blogger